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Saturday, April 08, 2006

I am starting this blog as a way to keep people updated on the ins and outs of the Zollner family. I hope to update is about once a week and have lots of pictures posted of Maddy as she grows and changes. And maybe I'll even throw in a few of me and Jason since every once in a while people wonder how we are doing too.....

Last week we were able to travel to Los Angeles, CA to visit family. Maddy and I were accompanied by Grandma Linda and Grandpa David. We stayed with my great Aunt Jeanne at her condo in Northridge. It was a wonderful time catching up with my mom's side of the family that live in that area. She even got to meet her cousin Isis who was born just 3 days earlier. What a beauty!! It was delightful to put them next to each other because she has beautiful chocolate colored skin and Maddy is so fair. We make them good in our family!! We visited Universal Studios, the Reagan Library and enjoyed a beautiful day of driving to the beaches, including Malibu where Maddy could dig her toes in the sand and dance on a surfboard. Jason had to stay home to work and make the bacon, but we missed him! Especially when Maddy had her fist huge blowout at the Burbank airport and again at Universal Studios! Those up the back and out the collar ones totally amaze me, where does it all come from??? And how does she know to do it only in a crowded public place with limited access to a changing area? People kept warning me of the impending blowout and now I am a proud member of the club. She did great on the planes and revelled in all the attention she received from the other travellers, she does create quite a stir wherever we go (which of course tickles me pink!).


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