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Monday, March 19, 2007


Maddy has recently fallen in love with her baby doll. It is the first item (other than my boobs ha ha) that she has ever shown a special attachment for. In fact, she became so attached to the baby doll in the church nursery that to avoid her screams from splitting the walls in two, she now has two baby dolls. She carries them everywhere, mostly wrapped in a dishtowel to keep them warm, and yesterday she got them involved in her time of doing "dishes". I got a kick out of this because it looks like she is trying to baptize them or something... she spent about 10 minutes letting the water run over them and smiled with glee the whole time. ***And for those of you who would criticize me for wasting water, please see the cat food post and you will understand why I am grateful for *anything* that will keep her occupied for longer than twenty seconds***


At 10:33 AM, Blogger Megan Crutchfield said...

So cute that she has something that she is so attached to! I wonder what it will be for Odessa (besides mama's boobies)...


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