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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Canning Pears and Peaches

treasures for Grandma's apron, I think this time it was a peach pit

mmmnnnn... pears!

baby Jake/Karis 33 weeks

ta da!

getting the jars ready
snuggling with Grandma
check out the pears, naked baby butt and the belly!

While Jason was away hunting my Mom came down to stay with us for a while. I had a wild hair to do some canning so we got down to business on that. I remember helping my Mom and Grandma can when I was little, but had yet to try it since being out on my own. It was a fun couple of days, Maddy's help being instrumental of course. I think she ate more fruit than made it into the jars.... she loved being in the middle of the excitement as always.


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