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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Uncle BriBri

a little kiss for Karis
hiking up high
cornered in the sunroom, the tickle attack begins!
at the fountains
drop it in and then.... it float by
he has her cornered on the stairs

Uncle Brian was visiting for the week before the 4th of July - it was a WONDERFUL time, the girls loved him and it was fun to catch up. Maddy now says each time she sees a plane "Uncle BriBri come Co-wo-wa-do (Colorado). Chase six hours!" He chased and chased and chased her around my parents new house, she was in HEAVEN and he was totally exhausted, but they had oh so much fun. He'll be a great dad someday, but for now is the #1 uncle of all time! If I ask Maddy to guess where we are going, she scrunches up her nose and says "Co-wo-wa-do?!" We wish!


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