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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Uncle BriBri's Surprise Visit & Karis is ONE!

Karis in her royal throne
cake is served! it is fun to be one! mmmnnn, banana cake with cream cheese frosting

a little email gets the day off right....

sweet snuggles

dinner friday night at Laurelwood Pub, our fave

doing a yoga dvd for kids as kk looks on approvingly

Brian wearing karis' super cheesy birthday hat

Brian flew in for Karis' first birthday bash as a surprise! I went to a show Thursday night to see Donna The Buffalo and when I got home he was almost asleep on my couch. He had it all worked out with my dad, but my mom and I were in the dark about it. What a great secret, needless to say I was thrilled! Here are some photos of Brian's visit and Karis' first birthday party. We had her party at Milagros and it was a nice time celebrating with some of our friends and family. We have been abundantly blessed already with every toy and clothing article imaginable for our girls, so we asked people to please bring food for the Oregon Food Bank instead. We think this is the perfect way to more fully honor Karis' sweet spirit and all that we are thankful for this holiday season, we collected 54 pounds of food to help our neighbors.


At 8:12 PM, Blogger Megan Crutchfield said...

So much fun! Hey, what yoga dvd do you have? I have been wanting to get for O.


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