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Friday, April 03, 2009

Feb, March and April shots

i love how she stands with her belly all stuckout
got yogurt?

maddy spent the afternoon playing santa and delivering presents to all the girls and boys in the whole world, but my favorite thing of all was when she had a special kissy kiss just for "Kawiss" at the end. mush mush mush mushy mush mush love!

rain dance at my parents house, can you see the huge raindrops?

climbing the swingy ropes, really tricky when you are three (or thirty!)

balancing on these is harder than it looks, i couldn't do it and maddy could. she is so coordinated.

my little mud lover found the one big puddle and dove right in.

ponies! karis has crazy mullett hair, the front is really short but i can pony the back. today she actually left them in long enough to squeeze in some pictures.


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