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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Today I had one of those "I've got my self together oh no wait just kidding I don't have any clue what I am doing" moments. Maddy was feeling generous and we slept in until 8:30. That in itself was a reason to declare the entire day as fabulous!! So we got up, nursed, got dressed, Maddy practiced rocking on all fours while I attempted to regain control over my rat's nest of hair (it didn't turn out so well but I was still high from the extra sleep and didn't care -- still don't, but I digress) and headed out the door to the library for storytime. Maddy loves to watch the other babies and completely enjoys the songs, dances, games and toys. Natalie the librarian brings out a huge bin of amazing toys for the babies and they descend upon it faster than you can even imagine. And within seconds it looks like a bomb has gone off in the room. So we are happily playing and then I look down and realize that I am wearing one brown boot and one black boot!! ZollNERD! I start cracking up and the other moms (and dads too) join in and tell me of the fifty-eight thousand brainless things they have all done this past week too. I so love watching the babies who are just a few months older than Maddy - it is crazy to think that soon the rocking will become crawling will become walking will become talking will become a child and not our little newborn baby anymore. Bittersweet in the most wonderful way.... and the good thing is that on this journey I have learned that I can have greasy hair and mismatched shoes and still be the happiest (if no longer the most organized) mom around.


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