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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pumpkin Patch (part 1 for this year)

pumpkin hunting is serious work requiring great attention to detail and the right equipment
enjoying the ride (except the few times we dumped her out on accident, sorry, Maddy!)

feeding the goats with Kellie

focused on the driver during the hayride

chase me Grandma!

can't catch me racing through the beans!

hhmmmnnn, which one to pick...

let's look some more over there....

We traveled back up to Seattle with my Mom (after the canning) since Jason was still out of town hunting. Today we went to an organic farm nearby in Redmond to do some pumpkin hunting. Maddy loved the tractor pulled hay ride, shouting "Go!! Go!! Go!!" the whole time. We picked some apples and beans and hung out with the goats and horses too. It was a super nice, non-commercialized farm experience for her, full of dirt and bugs and all the wonderful real farm smells. A lot of other ones I looked at online charged an arm and a leg for every little thing and it all just seemed so over the top since we wanted something a little more authentic. This place was perfect! My cousin Kellie lives in the area now and is a teacher, so she joined us and Maddy loved getting to know her on the outside of the womb. When I saw Kellie last it was at my grandma's funeral in Spokane when I was 36 weeks pregnant with Maditude. Funny how I am about ready to hatch a baby every time we get together!

We'll be going to Jason's family's farm, Bauman Farms, sometime next week when we get back home, so stay tuned for more fall farm adventures. Mmmnnn, fresh apple cider and doughnuts, can't wait!


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