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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Panties update

So I am a little thrilled and surprised how many of you emailed me to see how Maddy's adventures with big girl panties is going.... so the update is good news! She has woken up from her nap dry (biggest shocker ever! I couldn't believe it!!!) for two days now (believe me, there was a big ole waterproof pad and two fleece blankets under her just in case) and only one pee pee accident while we were cooking dinner (yay for easy clean up linoleum!!) in two whole days. I still have her in a diaper at night and don't see that ending anytime soon, but I can handle seven diapers a week! We are so impressed and thankful for just that much less laundry to do now.... hopefully it will continue to be a smooth transition and in a few more months we'll be totally diaper free!


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