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Sunday, April 06, 2008


here she is shaking cinnamon into her face, she totally sneezed (all over the tortilla) right after I took this picture....
and then after sneezing on it, promptly rolled it up and ate it! atta girl!

Maddy's favorite snack nowadays is a tortilla rolled up with butter, cinnamon and sugar inside. She likes to spread the butter around with a knife (yes I let my toddler play with knives, especially the really really really sharp and dangerous ones made for buttering things), then put the cinnamon on (yes I let her shake the cinnamon all over the place and yes it does get all over the place), then she will say "Mama do dat shoog-ur" and lets me sprinkle the sugar on. Why doesn't she get into the sugar herself? I have no idea, but for some reason that is the snack job reserved for me. And for those of you that know Madeline, you can attest to the fact that she will allow me to participate in any of her daily self-care tasks in even the tiniest smallest way is a miracle of astounding proportions.


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