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Friday, August 21, 2009

a naptime's worth of uploading and blogging

what a freaky picture to start off with... at the benton county fair they will let you borrow these cute little compact strollers for the day, here is karis smooshing her face into the umbrella window
maddy getting the hang of mini golf, she did so great!

a big swing

surveying like a pro

a little bit possessed looking mama and karis

in the mist machine at the smoking freaking hot benton county fair

this ride was wayyyyyyyyyyy too fast for me, i almost threw up. especially since i was a little hungover from our night at the sugarland concert. ugh.

my little pilot flying to colorado

waving to big sister on the roller coaster. she was so thrilled to see maddy go whizzing by she forgot her disapointment at not being big enough to go, but just wait until next year!!!


climbing to the top of their new bunkbeds, they love to play up there! no broken arms or falls yet, thank goodness!

trying to swallow water from the mist machine at the fair, it looks like she is going a little bit crazy or something, but she was just REALLY hot. i have the same hysterical shot of my mom doing it, but she'd kill me if i put it up on the internet, so you'll just have to use your imagination.

blueberry eating, not much kerplunking into the pail for this little one.

so excited to show off her bucket to aunty Carolyn!


this year most of Maddy's went into the bucket, she was so proud of her work!

maddy taking a picture of me and karis from the top bunk. look at all the clothes in that closet, sheesh!! a lot of clothes for a girl who is always naked, lol!! karis is blowing a kiss to sister and while it looks like i have a major drool problem, that is just a layer of ruffles down the front of my shirt :)

dutifully helping

maddy and i made this beautiful floral headpiece

so proud of her work!!!

karis kissing cate at jamison

playing baby crocodiles at jamison square fountains

hugging in their matchy matchy old navy butterfly dresses. doncha love the potty in the background? lol, it seems like every picture i take has a laundry basket or a potty in it somewhere.

footprints in the flubber. somebody got creative with their flubber and got on the table when mama wasn't looking. BUSTED by the evidence left behind!!!!

allurah reading to karis, awwwwwwwwww

I wish there weren't perverts in this world that mess up my ability to put naked pictures of my girls on the internet because I have some ridiculously cute pictures that I can't put here.... BUT, here are some of my little loveys (who are ALWAYS naked) clothed enough to put out
for public viewing.


At 12:44 PM, Blogger Krista said...

I have so many comments I don't know if I'll remember them all, lol! First off, I'm super impressed that Maddy rode the rollar coaster all by herself! Gavin STILL won't do this! Lol about throwing up on the ride....I got on the Scrambler ride not too long ago (used to be my FAV ride) and thought "whoa! Its been awhile...this thing goes *really* fast!). Love the floral wreath....will you teach me how to make one? Oh, the very first pic freaked me out when I first saw it.....needed to read the blurb to get context...almost looked like a plastic bag over her head....yikes! Oh, I'm sure there was more to say, but that's all I remember! Love all the pics....Super Cute!


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