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Saturday, May 27, 2006

All About Me (the mama)

I got tagged, so here we go....

I AM: a bit neurotic in a nice way

I WANT: more babies (one please oh please be a boy to make Jason happy)

I HATE: cleaning out the litter box

I LOVE: Maddy's open mouth slobber kisses

I MISS: my husband when he works a 48 hour shift

I FEAR: popsicle sticks touching my teeth

I HEAR: Maddy breathing while she sleeps behind me and I try to type quietly

I WONDER: why irresponsible, selfish women can get pregnant if a loser so much as sneezes on them and so many of my wonderfully-loving-want-more-than-anything-to-be-a-mama friends can't

I REGRET: a lot of the things I have said in my life that I wish I could take back

I DANCE: badly, but with a lot of enthusiasm

I SING: all the time, especially Maddy's special song

I CRY: when I think about how Maddy was born, but not as much as I used to

I AM NOT ALWAYS: good at hiding how I feel


I WRITE: lists of anything and everything, I have even been known to make lists just for the joy of checking things off

I CONFUSE: myself continually - what am I doing? where am I going? where are my keys to get me there?

I NEED: to get a grip!

I SHOULD: be cleaning instead of blogging

I START: to speak before I engage my brain

I FINISH: my ice cream a lot faster than Jason does

OK, so now I am supposed to tag people to pass this on...Krista and Deb are the only people I know who blog and also read mine, so tag you are both it!


At 11:25 PM, Blogger Krista said...

Oh dang...and here I thought I was going to quickly peak at your blog before I head to bed....Ok, I'll do this tomorrow. I'm so tired right now I can't think!


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