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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Holy Crawling Batman!

Well she has gone and done it, she learned how to crawl! It is kind of a hop/crawl/drag/roll shuffle at this point, but man can she move! She is getting more coordinated every day and before I know it she'll be fluently crawling around the house. She is fast, too. Surprisingly fast. I love to watch her great big cloth diapered bottom scooting around the house. She is so curious and inquisitive, I love to watch how her mind works as she discovers her world. This is definitely the best stage yet, but then again I say that every month, so I'm sure the best is even yet to come! Here are some photos of Maddy crawling and in her new swing at home yesterday and at my friend Toni's house today. Check out Kenda in the background showing us how to act like a lady. She is quite a character! Having a toddler and a newborn is no small feat and Toni does it so well... she is a champ.


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