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Saturday, May 27, 2006

My Favorite Things

Now that Maddy is super mobile and into everything I have put together a list of her newly discovered loves:

1. Dog toys, the nastier the better
2. Electrical cords and plug ins
3. Telephone
4. Remote control
5. Tupperware and plastic containers, especially yogurt cups
6. PAPER! (This should be listed as #1 because it rocks her world)
7. Strings
8. Zippers
9. Buttons and things inside shirt pockets
10. Cat whiskers and dog ears (sorry Micah and Edward, you are irresistible)

I totally appreciate all the wonderful toys people have bought for Maddy, but it seems that the more off-limits something is, the more she wants to put it in her mouth. I shudder to think of all the gross stuff she has encountered. So all her toys remain stacked up crying out to be played with and loved. Sorry, nothing in the toybox competes with a chewed up dog bone. And nothing is funnier than the total diva scream she lets out when I redirect her or tell her no. She is a livewire and totally keeps me on my toes.... Grandma says it is paybacks.


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