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Friday, August 11, 2006

Ball Bin

A couple weeks ago we went to a restaurant with a huge fun zone with the Harris family. Maddy got to go in the ball bin with Gavin and she loved it! I was kind of freaked out that she kept shoving all the balls into her mouth - I mean, ewwwww, gross!!! So many germs, and other kids' feet and hands are soooooooo dirty - but I had to put my neurosis aside so that she could have some serious fun. I figure she's healthy and it will build her immune system, right? I gotta just let it go because I can't (and shouldn't) protect her forever. And then the funny part is that Jason intercepted a huge blowout diaper that was just two seconds from spilling over - here I am worried about other kids' germs and Maddy practically infects the whole bin.

Maddy loves to watch Gavin, he is so entertaining for her - probably because he never stops moving! He is a very busy guy with lots of energy to burn. In fact Krista and I were just talking today about how nice it is that the second child can be occupied watching the first, she says especially in the car it helps a lot. I'm looking forward to that (not immediately... just someday).

Soon we'll get to turn Maddy's carseat to forward facing which will be a pleasant change for her. She is almost to 20 pounds and almost a year old (the two prerequisites). Maddy likes to be involved with what is happening around her, so it helped immensely when she could sit up in the convertible seat instead of flat in the bucket one she started out in. It is funny how all these little milestones mean so much to me... before having her I would never have given a second's thought to travelling in a car with a baby. Just one of the million ways my life has changed in the last year!


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