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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Trinity Lake

We had a great family vacation to Trinity Lake in Northern California. Maddy really enjoyed the water - she truly is a little fish who loves to swim and splash. The drive down and back was a bit long - she definitely got tired of that carseat towards the end of each journey. But overall she travelled really well to a totally unfamiliar place and had a super time! She got to be covered head to toe in dirt every day.... she entertained herself for hours with rocks, sticks, leaves, bugs and dirt. She ate a lot of it and I found out that what goes in must come out- yikes we had some interesting diapers that week. We experienced our first family geocaching hunt, and it was successful - but we forgot to bring something to leave so we didn't take anything out either. Nighttimes were a little rough, she wanted to nurse all night long every night, even in her sleep she needed that extra security and closeness. So I didn't get much sleep, but my milk supply is more abundant than ever! We enjoyed swimming and sunbathing every day, the weather was just gorgeous for us. The water was really warm, we loved it. The shore is a bit rocky, but it wasn't too bad if you sat on a towel or blanket. We also did a little hiking and found a wonderfully cool and refreshing river to take a dip in after a long hot afternoon. Maddy started out dipping her toes in but before we knew it she was ready to go skinny dipping all the way... the first hike we tried was straight up up up up up and just way to much for me, so we found another more family friendly place and that worked out really well . We plan to go back next year to the same spot and try to make it a family tradition.


At 2:55 PM, Blogger Mom said...

Sounds like you had a nice time! It fun to see pictures of you and Maddie and what it going on in your life. WE went to Lake Michigan last weekend and the water temp was 77 degrees, very unusual and the water was blue also unusual. I thought I was in the Carribean!!!:) take care


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