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Monday, January 08, 2007

Spur of the Moment Adventure

Spur of the moment last weekend we decided to go down to Philomath. My parents were there and Maddy and I were looking for something to do, so we joined them.
We had a great time outside all bundled up but then Maddy's hands got all dirty and she didn't like that at all.
And then later inside we were reading books and listening to the Seahawks game on the radio. Even Maddy's ridiculous cuteness couldn't keep Grandma's attention during the last few moments and she had to do some serious fist pumping and yee hawing when they won. Her face cracks me up in the photo!
Maddy also had to throw some little baby fits when we wouldn't let her go up near the road. This is a hard age to hear "no" and she let us know it! Her intensity amazes us, but we just acknowledge her feelings, continue to set limits and then it passes really quickly. You have to zoom in on the picture to see her face, but it is definitely full of passion - she is certainly expressive. Wonder where she gets that???


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