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Monday, July 02, 2007

Sunriver Vacation June 2007

digging thundereggs with mom
with dad at the pool
with dad at the pool ready to test the waters
rock hound in training
look at this one!!

eating peas

hike at Paulina Falls and Lake with dadhike (proof mom exists!!)
kiss kiss at the pool

go that way daddy!there's mommy, daddy look!
go that way! (I'm a little bit bossy)
dad the rockhound
dad at the top of the slide
dad at the bottom of the slide
We decided to journey to Sunriver for our summer vacation this year. We rented a great house and had a blast biking (yes we did get helmets, these pic's are on our way to rent them the first day we were there), swimming, hiking, and exploring the area. Jason used to be an in-house resident at the fire station there when he was in college so it was revisiting an old stomping ground for him. On the way home we stopped outside Madras to dig for thundereggs, we found quite a few and discovered that we are actually pretty good rockhounds. We were sad to come home and hope to go back next year (with TWO babies!!!!).


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