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Thursday, November 01, 2007


Little Fairy Alayna - oh she is so cute!

So for Halloween this year Maddy was Snow White. I found the cutest costume on ebay and then got the red sparkly Target shoes to go with it. There was a headband too, but it fit me so Maddy will have to wait 20-30 years or so to grow into it.... but she seemed content enough with her red clippy in her hair.

We went to two different parties before Halloween and then yesterday went to our church's extravaganza. We had underestimated what it would be, it was wonderful! There were HUGE bouncy houses, tons of games and prizes and candy and face painting and she had the time of her life. Jason liked the bouncy house too, in face, I couldn't tell who was having more fun. Jason's double back flip over the rock climbing portion of the bouncer was the talk of the room. Maddy's dress was totally thrashed by the end of the night, a sure sign that she was in her element. I am not so sure that tulle and my little roughster go together, but she did tell me over and over again as she twirled around, "Mama, I pitty"
BABY UPDATE: Baby is super low, in fact Dr. Jen said she could really get her fingers onto baby's head today. I am effaced and dilated to 2 -- stay tuned for contractions to get this party started! I am feeling pretty good, just tired and like a big hippopotamus at this point. I distinctly try not to waddle around. Baby is ever so slightly posterior, but mostly in the right position, so I will continue to be vigilant about my posture, positioning and getting in to see the chiropractor to keep things as aligned as possible. Luckily Jen knows a LOT about positioning in labor and delivers posterior babies even if they won't turn, so I know I am in good hands if this one continues to turn sunny side up. But lets hope it doesn't!!! Fingers crossed all continues to go well, we just keeping praying and trusting all will be as it needs to be for the birth we dream of.
By the way, everyone keeps asking if we think it is a boy or a girl and EVERYONE has girl vibes. No boy votes so far at all.....maybe little Jake will surprise us all!


At 1:42 AM, Blogger Megan Crutchfield said...

Looks like fun! Plus Maddie is just oh-so-cute as Snow White!


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