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Monday, May 19, 2008

Beachin' It

for lunch I'll have some thumb with a side of sand, please...

i really hate those waves, can't you make them stop coming?
look! I exist!!! I have my faithful ergo and sidekick along too....

don't feed the seagulls, but keep the toddler full at all times!

checking it out when we first arrive at Cannon Beach (where Jason proposed to me)
first wave! (and last, this totally freaked her out)
under the umbrella to protect that baby smooth perfect skin
one more brave toe test before deciding she was done with the waves for good
throw sand (just to show the waves who is boss??)

We took a day trip to the beach last Friday. It was a perfectly glorious day and we all came home happy and sandy. Karis turned six months old this day!


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