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Monday, May 05, 2008

Park Days Here Again.... FINALLY!

upside down

cute as cute can be!

ridiculously cute

Maddy loves to hide KK under a pile of clothes and then make a "gate" all the way around her with toys and whatever else she can find. This is literally a good hours worth of entertainment.

nursing on the go! so sneaky!

swinging, not so sure if this is fun or not....

feeding the ducks pretzel sticks

swinging, very very sure that this is great fun (look at those skinny legs from being so sick, she lost almost 3 pounds being so sick for just a few days, yowza! somebody get this girl some peanut butter and avocado's!!)

look at my feet! after Maddy is done hiding KK, she always wants to snuggle in and have me hide them together
laughing at big sister -- can you see that she is pulling her knees up under her?? ack, crawling is coming!!!

one last shot of super cuteness

Finally the weather is beautiful! Here are some pictures of the girls from the past week. Maddy is starting to get back to herself again today.... we are so thankful that she is healthy and going to be okay....we are really looking forward to our summer adventures outside, especially since KK is scooting around and threatening to figure out how to crawl. Then I will really know the meaning of the word busy, right?!


At 3:40 PM, Blogger Dory said...

So happy to hear Maddy is well again... you must have been very worried... and tired!

At 3:57 AM, Blogger Krista said...

Oh, isn't it just so nice to take the kids outside after a long cold rainy winter? I always love that feeling of the fresh air.....for some reason, being a mama seems a little easier when you're outside on a beautiful day!


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