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Friday, June 16, 2006

Mama Megan

Today Maddy and I went to our friend Megan's baby shower. It was a surprise and she was pretty shocked to see her co-workers and her family and the two of us there to celebrate for her. She is having a girl, Odessa, in mid-July at home. Her mom Shirley is my Mom's best friend from Boise and Megan and I grew up together. We now both live in Portland, what a small world! She and her husband Larry are so much fun and we love to hang out with them, and now we will be mamas together! Shirley lives in Portland now too and is a midwife. She is going to be assisting Megan at home, they even have a birthing tub all ready to go to help her labor. I am hoping to be able to help out when the excitement begins.... it seems like just yesterday they were seeing tiny brand new baby Maddy for the first time and now it is their turn. I know it will be such a beautiful and peaceful day for them.


At 8:30 PM, Blogger Linda Zielinski said...

Megan looks WONDERFUL. I can't wait for Odessa to make her appearance! It won't be long now before Shirley and I can do our Grandma thing together, having tea parties with Maddy and Odie, going to the zoo and just generally having a blast with the grandkids. Spoil them rotten and then take them back home :) Ahhhh, yes PAYBACK time.


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