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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

4th of July

Isn't this swimsuit my mom bought Maddy just the cutest most patriotic thing ever? I just simply love it. We made the little headband for her with hair ponytail holders wrapped around a red band because I lost the festive one I found in the bargain bin at Target several weeks ago.

Jason worked a bunch of doubles the week of the 4th, so Maddy and I headed up to Seattle to hang out with my parents. My Mom has sort of started the sorting process in preparation for their retirement move down to Oregon, so I wanted to help with that. Those of you who know my compulsive side know how much I LOVE to clean, sort, throw out and organize. So my Mom let me go to town on my old bedroom. I hauled back a bookcase, several boxes of kid books from my teacher days, my boxed/sealed wedding dress and a cowgirl hat for Maddy to dress up in that I had on during my senior pictures. Plus we sorted a bunch of random stuff for garage sales, throw away, etc.... it felt very cathartic! Our house feels so crowded and cluttered, but since I live with a packrat and we are planning to have more kids, I don't feel like I can do much about my own space. Downsizing someone else's clutter will have to do it for me for now I guess.

We went to see the fireworks at Juanita Beach in Kirkland and could see about five different fireworks displays from various venues around the sound. Maddy really liked the pretty-pretty's up in the sky. Then the next night we lit off a bunch of old fireworks Jason and I bough the first year we were married and never lit off because he got called in to work. And he has worked every single 4th since so we figured we'd use them before they caught our house on fire or something one of these hot days. Maddy liked watching us do the sparklers, I felt she is too little to hold them, she'd probably try to eat it or something. Maybe next year. She liked the fountains and had absolutely no use for the groundflowers. I wish I had some of those black snakes, I always liked those when I was little. Maybe next year!


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