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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How Is Maddy Doing??

Lathering it up in the tub last night. Maddy LOVES to make bubbles and can get quite a mohawk going if you let her go wild with the shampoo.

Where's Maddy? When my Mom was here she and Maddy had a blast getting lost and found in all the stuffed animals (or babies as Maddy calls them).

When we pulled out the bin of Maddy's 0-3 month girl clothes for Karis, Maddy was entertained for THREE DAYS piling, stacking, sorting and hiding in it.

Maddy got to the Thanksgiving table first before us and managed to use the big serving spoon to dish generous helpings of cherry-sausage stuffing onto everybody's plate and bowl.

Well, it has been a wild couple of weeks for our little Maditude! She really loves her little baby, loves to give Karis kisses and hold her and bring her blankets. We are thankful there has been no aggression or unhappiness directed right at little Karis. But she has had a pretty tough time sharing her favorite playmate and especially being very jealous of the times when Karis is nursing. Her sleep has been disrupted and that has been hardest on Jason and I who weren't expecting it. But Dr. Jen had a great insight, that Maddy is so busy and active during the day that the only time she can process all her feelings about the new baby is during the nighttime when her body and mind are still and it is quiet and she can get our full attention. She assured me that if we give Maddy time to express her feelings and give her extra empathy and special time together as I can, it will pass more quickly. She is right, but it is hard to watch Maddy feel such big feelings and know that the only way through it is to just get through it together. The past few nights have been better, especially as we get more into our old "routine" and things are somewhat back to how they were before little sister came. I think she is getting back to her sweet and sassy self during the day times too, fewer outbursts and tantrums each day. None so far today and it is 2:30 in the afternoon, not bad for a two year old! All in all, she is doing okay and we are settling in, the more love and snuggles she gets from mama the more secure she feels, so that is my daily goal. That and to comb the dreadlocks out of her hair, if I can get that done I consider the day a success.


At 10:58 AM, Blogger Megan said...

You are such a good mama that you are going to naturally give Maddy what she needs. Sounds like, all in all, the adjustment is going pretty well.


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