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Monday, March 19, 2007


Maddy has recently fallen in love with her baby doll. It is the first item (other than my boobs ha ha) that she has ever shown a special attachment for. In fact, she became so attached to the baby doll in the church nursery that to avoid her screams from splitting the walls in two, she now has two baby dolls. She carries them everywhere, mostly wrapped in a dishtowel to keep them warm, and yesterday she got them involved in her time of doing "dishes". I got a kick out of this because it looks like she is trying to baptize them or something... she spent about 10 minutes letting the water run over them and smiled with glee the whole time. ***And for those of you who would criticize me for wasting water, please see the cat food post and you will understand why I am grateful for *anything* that will keep her occupied for longer than twenty seconds***

Why my hair always looks like crap

This is what happens when I try to take five minutes to do anything for myself, something as incredibly selfish as curling my hair in the morning. I mean, the NERVE of me trying to take time for myself when I could be helping Maddy dump a 20 pound bag of cat food all over the bathroom and bedroom floor. Yeah, this was a fun one to clean up while trying to get out the door in the morning.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

As I clap my hands joyfully!

Now we're talking....

Monday, March 12, 2007

As I shudder....

This freaks me out....

Baby legs

I have a new favorite accessory! "BabyLegs" are the hottest thing in baby fashion... who knew leg warmers would make a comeback?? They are perfect for keeping her warm during diaper-free time (our precursor to potty training so she will know what it feels like before and during going potty without a diaper to distract her) and go great under dresses to make diaper changing a snap and also to help keep the gap between pants and socks warm on our outings. Here is a shot of some diaper free time. There is nothing cuter than her little bum and I love how she just strolls around the house naked as a jaybird without a care in the world.

Stroller Derby

My parents' property in Philomath has a fantastic driveway with a slope perfect for some serious stroller fun. One of us would start at the top and push her to the waiting arms of someone down below. Fun stuff!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Maddy's (Dis)Organizational Tips

Maddy has cleverly constructed a list to help not-quite-toddlers as they learn to dismantle a house at break-neck speed. She wanted to take her experience and use it for good by passing it on to the next generation of babies (Alayna, Laura, Odessa, Vance are you paying attention??)

1. Crayons are to be dumped free of any container and stored in rows in the slots of the air vents. Sometimes they get sticky and this is a bonus!!
2. Books are to be read and tossed about the room. Do NOT put them back on the shelf and if you do, be sure to take 2 new ones out in its place.
3. Drawers are to be emptied. Especially ones with dish towels and mama's hair clips and barrettes.
4. All surfaces are fair game to develop your artistic abilities. This is most fun to do when mama is busy cooking/blogging and thinks you are sitting at your little table coloring on paper.
5. Clean clothes can be more carefully inspected from outside the laundry basket.
6. Blankets make a great hiding place when you tear them off the beds. Pillows are great for stacking and jumping on. Especially from off the couch, chair or slide. Cloth diapers also help in the landing....
7. Phone books make a nice noise when you turn the pages and an even nicer noise when you tear the pages out. It is a good thing mama and daddy keep getting more of these for us to play with!
8. The toy box is a waste of time. It severely restricts access to your toys, it is much easier to spread them all out on the floor where you can get to them more quickly and keep them all in view.
9. Toilet paper is the funnest thing ever! It just keeps coming and coming and coming..... then tear it up into little bits and put it inside the toilet bowl. Just like mama and daddy do!
10. Remember that every thing has a home and a purpose, it just might take you all day of moving it from here to there to everywhere to find its rightful resting place.
11. Food can fly fast and far and gravity works every single time, it is amazing. You will get a strong reaction if your aim is good enough to get mama in the face, especially with something wet or slimy. That gets you bonus points for meal times.
12. Cheerios taste best when they've aged for at least two to three weeks outside the box. Even if Grandma got you a bright yellow cheerio container of your very own, I still recommend: Inside recliners, car floors, cracks of the carseat, (aforementioned) drawers and, as always, dropping them on the good old everyday floor. These are the best places to keep cheerios for later consumption.
13. Toilet paper is fun, but kleenex boxes and wipes containers are a total jackpot. They just keep coming and coming and coming, it is magic!

Happy de-organizing! May your parents clean and organize in vain!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


So we gave Maddy spaghetti with turkey meat sauce expecting a disaster of epic proportions. It was a disappointingly neat meal, in fact one of the neatest ever. Go figure! But I took the obligatory pictures anyway.... here she is experimenting with the shape of it in her mouth and hands and then she is signing "all done" when she got full. (She knows about 15 signs and a few words, but is mostly using a lot of sign language and body language to communicate.)

Spring is Coming!

Nothing heralds the approach of spring like the opportunity to hang fresh, clean diapers on the line! I love to see them fluttering in the breeze.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

oh so very true

The ultimate and definitive guide to the difference between sexes!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Firefighter Stairclimb

waiting to start -- that's Jerry Ray one of his fellow firefighters
looking straight up, and he STILL climbed it after seeing how high it is... holy crap!
Seattle's Pipe & Drum Corps
( top) Jason, Dave, John, Jerry, (bottom) Beth and Jenny-- tired and triumphant

Jason went to Seattle this weekend to participate in the annual firefighter stairclimb for the leukemia lymphoma society. He rocked it! 69 floor in 22 minutes. It would take me 22 years to climb 69 floors in full turn out gear and equipment (it weighs about 40 pounds), that is, if I didn't die trying. Here are some photos of him and the team from the Port of Portland.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Toxins in Bottles

This study was just released that showed serious toxins are being released directly into babies' bodies by the plastic in popular baby bottles. Hopefully this will force some changes in their production (and dare I say a reduction in their use overall????!!!!)