People's Republic of Zollner

So the world DOES in fact revolve around Madeline Jane and Karis Anne Zollner!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summertime Fun (a month's worth!)

Maddy in the sink (this is kind of a long story.....)
Maddy was BEGGING me to take pictures of her holding Karis, which shocked me because she usually gets extremely camera shy. So the next few pictures are what I got trying to take a decent picture of my two crazy wiggleworms.

laundry peek a boo

a little kiss
a little hug

cute Maddy
Maddy's new flower swing
crashed out, I love that huge diaper bum
cute KK
a little sisterly love

walking to the circus in high lady style, I was trying to get a cute shot of Maddy and Grandma and got a little slice of reality instead, man this picture makes me laugh....
riding the ponies at the circus
riding some more
Karis at 8 months pulling up on Maddy's tower
Karis being cute at about 8 1/2 months, chunkalicious thighs!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Terrific Two's

go. read this. laugh. this is *so* my life. except the pregnant part (thank heavens).

Friday, August 08, 2008

Odessa's Birthday

Odessa is TWO (way back in July, I'm a bit behind on organizing and uploading photos)! Maddy bought her a makeup kit and oh my goodness it was the hit of the century. We thought they might have a little dress up fun, but it went beyond that and verged on a weird obsession. They both sat super serious and still while they did their work beautifying everything within reach. It was so strange, they were so focused as if they were writing a proposition to the U.N. or something - we thought it would be giggly girly fun but it was all business instead. The best part was when we were so busy trying to move the make up out of Karis' reach and she found the cupcakes instead. Odessa (I think in shock or perhaps in a state of nirvana from her makeup overdose) let her attack the cupcake and it was gone in seconds before I realized what was happening. And THEN when I was madly trying to get the cupcake away from her, she turned around and got into the matches that we left out after lighting Odessa's candle. She had three matches sticking out of her mouth like some sort of messed up walrus. Oh, my poor second child, she will be lucky to survive her babyhood because I am just so busy I can't hardly keep on top of all their adventures!


Here are pictures that you would experience every single time the girls play in the sandbox. Karis getting sand or toys put on her head. Maddy hugging Karis so hard they both fall over. Maddy getting sand in her panties and her hooha. Karis eating sand and just generally being so in love with her big sister that she doesn't even mind getting roughed up a bit. While the rest of us cringe and say "gentle! gentle!" she is just cracking up and basking in the adoration of her sissy.

Hattie's Visit

First co-ed shower with Gregory

the banana (the funniest by far of all the things they found to hang up on the line!)
hanging up everything within reach and under twenty pounds
playing in the mud from the sprinklers (what could be more fun than an acre of dirt waiting for hydroseeding???)

We got to visit with my amazing friend Hattie and her puppy pack of boys down in Philomath last week. They came up from Eugene to visit - we went blueberry picking and then had a great day playing in the country. The kids came up with all kinds of fun, my favorite was figuring out how to hang things on the laundry line to dry. The banana about made me pee my pants!