People's Republic of Zollner

So the world DOES in fact revolve around Madeline Jane and Karis Anne Zollner!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

4 months

note that she has total muffin top from being squeezed into these 6-12 month jeans... let's just blame it on the cloth diapers shall we?
ready for our walk in the freezing fricking cold east winds
crashed out on Easter at grandma and grandpa's apartment
self soothing (much to mama's milk supply's chagrin) when she is tired, look at those droopy eyes

Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy girl! How did we get so lucky?

Jumping Inside

It is hard to tell but her feet are about a foot off the bed in this photo. She is addicted to jumping and since the trampoline is a wet soggy mess, the guest bed will have to do....

Construction Crew

Last weekend we spent part of Easter with my parents. Here is Jason doing some electrical work, Maddy looking out the library window towards the river, and walking up the staircase in the new house they are building on the land that my grandparents purchased in 1956 in Philomath. The house was deconstructed and they are doing a green remodel, it is a very cool process..... Maddy has colored on the floor and walls so if we ever deconstruct/remodel in the future we'll be able to look back and remember when she was 2 and the house was being built.

Earning her keep

She has now learned how to push down on the lever that lowers the vacuum back down to the carpet.... she pulls down on the handle because she is so little and now can "fix" the vacuum so it is actually sucking carpet instead of air. Geez I hope that makes sense... one of those things that is really hard to explain. anyway, one step closer for her to be doing real chores/cleaning instead of pretending. Now she just needs help holding the cord out of the way (lucky we had Dad around to help today!)

Easter Eggs

I didn't get a chance to catch the girls in their Easter dresses, but you can take my word for it that they were adorable. Here is Maddy dying eggs the day before while Karis looks on from her highchair -- now that she can sit up supported we pulled the highchair out from the garage so she can watch Maddy from a different vantage point than the sling.

Monday, March 17, 2008


4 months old today!! She starts out already excited in resting position but by the time my legs get lifted to their highest her little mouth is wide open and she is giggling like crazy. Oh how this little wonder can turn my heart into whipped cream!

Supersize Me Please!

Our kingsize bed is apparently no longer sufficient! Karis has learned the H-Bomb technique quite early where she learns how to be perpendicular to the grown up people. Maddy is demonstrating her preference to be diaganol at all times... oh she will be so pleased when I sneak back in and she can fully drape her lower half over my body.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shake It Baby

Maddy loves to make KK dance by wiggling her little (ok maybe not so little) arms around. It is so sweet and Karis just eats up Maddy's adoration. These sister moments are the best ever....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First Haircut

Ta Da! After....
The Mullet Before the Big Snip (Daddy looking on....)

Maddy's hair has been looking a little *ahem* scruffy lately so I decided to bite the bullet and take care of the mullet. I had been hoping the sides would catch up to the back, but it just wasn't going to happen and really badly needed to be shaped up a bit. I was worried that she wouldn't sit still for a hairdresser or freak out and get half a haircut (plus I am just a tightwad and super cheap), so I decided to try it myself since she L-O-V-E-S playing beauty shop. She likes to get my hair combed, then wet it down, then blowdry it, then put clippies in it. She tries to do ponies, but can't quite figure it out yet... anyway, I digress, back to the haircut. She held so still for me, I was very impressed - I took about an inch and a half off just the very back and then trimmed the sides a little and her bangs too. I kept the sweet little curls in a keepsake box, I can't believe I really cut it after waiting so long for her hair to grow and especially since it looked so sleek when I had it all combed out right before the big snip. But I think it looks pretty good so we'll see what it looks like in the morning light.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Cuteness

Is it totally prideful to say "gosh I make cute babies"??!! Cuz I think I do.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Jumping Beans

We got a trampoline last week and it has been well used every sunny/dry day since! Maddy can create some serious static electricity and her hair gets just crazy wild- even more so than it usually looks!