People's Republic of Zollner

So the world DOES in fact revolve around Madeline Jane and Karis Anne Zollner!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Here is my new art! These seriously didn't hurt a BIT. They were both so small and fast, I couldn't believe how easy it was. I was surprised! Not that the first one hurt all that much, but I could definitely at least feel that one being drawn on. Man, I have a new addiction for sure!!!

The honeybee is because that is my name's meaning and also to honor my grandpa Andy and my mom who are both beekeepers. The wedding ring is a Z with a little band, I am thinking of widening the band part so it doesn't look like I drew it on with a ballpoint pen so much....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

i'm a radical feminist, are you?


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two Cute Random Pictures

Maddy took this one while we were decorating the tree a few weeks back and the other one is her before a Christmas party last weekend.


i love that the only thing NOT covered in frosting is her cookie!


Our annual trip to Zoolights was great, as always. This year Karis got to spend some time walking around, last year she was brand new and bundled sweetly inside her sling, probably sleeping, the whole time. It is nice to be creating some traditions and hard to believe a whole year has passed, these big memory makers help mark time for me. Truly amazing, it goes so fast. The girls had late naps so we got to stay until it closed which was a fun treat, I think we were the last ones to leave actually, it was all hushed and we felt like teenagers sneaking in somewhere we shouldn't have been. A little thrill for us old folks!

White Christmas

It looks like it might stick around this year for Christmas, how fun! We've been having a good time playing in the snow and watching it fall all cuddled up inside by the fireplace, too. Today we ventured outside to walk to my friend Erin's house (Hi Emery!). I rigged up a rubbermaid tub with a rope and made it a sled-ish adventure for Maddy. I knew the stroller would never handle the three foot drifts, so I gave it a shot and it worked like a charm! We just needed to get out and go somewhere different, we all had cabin fever and were getting cranky and in each other's space. It was a nice change of scenery for us and good to get outside and breathe in all the fresh, crisp air. Maddy and I went outside yesterday when Jason was home to hang with Karis inside... the snow is taller than she is, she'd get swallowed up! We got some great video... one of these days I'll figure out how to put those on here too.... anyway, Merry White Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tree 2008 (and a little mud)

don't you just love the tights that have a crotch down by her knees? She LOVES these, wouldn't wear anything else.... she cracks me up.

Here is our annual tree hunt photo. We got it at my in-law's who have a sort of tree farm on their land. They are currently building a home so there was a LOT of mud. Mud + Zollner Girls = Hugely big FUN. Karis went hog wild and was absolutely covered and dripping with mud, it was really awesome. Maddy doesn't like her hands to be wet and dirty so she mostly just supervised and cheered KK on. I have a bajillion pictures of us decorating our trees once we got them home, but those feel too overwhelming to rename, upload and sort through tonight. Maybe tomorrow, but for now it is time to say good night!

How to Fall Asleep Waiting for Mama to Come Home

Here is a little how-to manual written by Maddy. I went out to dinner with some friends and Maddy told Jason she wanted to wait up for me to get home... so apparently you fall asleep sitting up and then, somehow, and while magically staying asleep the whole time, shift your body into a weird contorted position and keep dreaming sweetly.... Jason left her on the couch like this because he knew it would make me laugh. Crazy kid!

SNOW! the kind that sticks!

Two very happy and eventually very very wet girls who didn't want to come inside! The first time we went out early in the morning the east winds were blowing really hard and that didn't go over very well. Maddy said the wind was biting her face and so we went inside and tried to thaw out by the fire. Then Maddy decided that she wasn't getting warm enough, so she stripped and sat naked on the heat vent and said "Dis will do the trick, mama!" Nothing like hot air directly on your bottom to get the blood circulating, I guess. These pictures are from our second foray outside when the winds had died down a bit. Fun fun fun!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Lights

taking a break to splash in the puddles
little helpers holding the lightstrand for daddy

headed towards the road, no no no, little love!

maddy ready to dig into the next box of icicle lights

learning to go down the stairs, with a little help from her sister

Powder Poof

Maddy is really good at following directions. Powder, unfortunately, is not. My mom gave Maddy specific instructions: yes, you may play with the powder but you have to keep it on the towels. Maddy listened, the powder did not and the room looked like a snowstorm had hit. Hi-freakin-larious if you ask me, my Mom on the other hand was not so amused. But then Maddy had the double joy of getting to vacuum up all the wayward powder and the fun continued most of the afternoon. My Mom learned that powder doesn't necessarily like to be confined to one geographical area, i just watched with glee because I had already learned this lesson several months ago tee hee....

Bobbin' for Babies

When we were down at my parents last week, we decided to dehydrate some apples from my parents' tree. We had to wash them, peel and core them, slice them and then put them on the dehydrator - a lofty goal with two little helpers! Well, we got to the washing part and then had a change of plans. First Karis started out splashing her little hands over the edge of the sink and then all of a sudden she was naked and having an apple bath. And before I knew it, quick as a wink, Maddy was naked and in the other side, laughing and having a grand old time. We didn't get much accomplished with the apples, but good gracious these girls are cute and in the end, we always end up having a better time unscripted than sticking to the original plan.