People's Republic of Zollner

So the world DOES in fact revolve around Madeline Jane and Karis Anne Zollner!

Friday, December 28, 2007


This is the truest statement about parenting that I have ever read. Go read it. Now. Just do it. It's short. And Funny. And most importantly true in a world of superficial glossed over commercialized hype, this is the real deal.

6 week checkup

Karis will be 6 weeks old tomorrow (SIX WEEKS!!!! GEEZ!!!!)... today we had our checkup. She is doing great and weighs 10 pounds 14 ounces.....the stats are always so fun to find out for me for some reason.... if my camera was cooperating I'd download our latest pictures, all is well and we are thankful for our two healthy girls, we really are truly blessed (and tired).

Monday, December 24, 2007

Little Sammy Sumo Man

Okay, so this is just about the cutest thing ever. My close friend Lindsey has two of the sweetest babies ever and here is a short video of little Samuel born in August laughing. It is hard to be grumpy of have a bad day when you watch this. Adorable!!

4 1/2 weeks old

Here is little miss mellow sleeping in her swing. Look at those cheeks, chunky monkey!

And good thing we have such a great pediatric chiropractor, sorry about the wicked neck cramp baby girl, mama forgot to put rolled up blankets by your head to give you better support. sigh....

Mani & Pedi

Maddy was ADAMANT that she paint her own toes and fingernails today. This girl should work for the government as a top level hostage negotiator, she is that good at talking/begging her way into things. And so persistent that I finally gave in just so she would stop the begging for the love of all things holy, she would just not give up! This girl is goal oriented if nothing else....So I spread out some towels because it *HAD* to be done in front of the fireplace on the carpet, sitting on her potty no less, and not somewhere easy to clean up like the bathroom or kitchen. Her toes and fingers look a bit like bloody stumps, but I was trying to take her beauty routine seriously and not laugh right in her face. Diva!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


it's been a week around here--- ER trips for dislocated elbows, getting sent to code compliance with the city of gresham for having overgrown trees, half the lights in our house out due to melted wires and sparking light fixtures.....and just the normal chaos that seems to follow me as i try to raise these two little people

(and yes her hair did grow into a carol brady mullet all on its own)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Rock a Bye Baby

Today at naptime I told Maddy to run ahead to the bedroom and I'd be right behind her... we nap in the big bed together (as much of a nap as I can squeeze in before I get summoned to someone else nowadays) in our master bedroom. She scampered off and I could hear her giggling as I came down the hall a few minutes behind her. I found her snuggled up in the cradle we have (for Karis that she doesn't use for naps yet) and that Maddy sometimes slept in when she was a wee little thing. I can't believe she was able to fit, though you'll notice her knees are all bent and so really only half of her fits..... she cracks me up!

Cutest Ornament Ever

Karis Anne.... 3 weeks, 1 day SHE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes she looks exactly like Maddy and it takes me down memory lane and sometimes she is very definitely looking like her own little self. I think we will keep her... she spends most of her day asleep or in a quiet alert state or nursing. She has a little fussy time in the evening now to get all the energy out and then so far has been very mellow at night - we are hoping she stays this way forever, she is very user friendly!

Maddy's Perspective

Nothing delights Maddy more than getting to take pictures with our camera. She really hates having her picture taken right now, but let her behind the lens and she is all over it. Here are some of the pictures she took last night, the world from a 2 year old perspective..... (I'm sure none of you are as amused by these as I am, but I figured since I had a minute to blog while Jason is running errands with Maddy and Karis is asleep in the sling, I would take advantage of it!)

Christmas Tree 2007

This one, Mama!

Super super super helpful to daddy while he is putting the tree in the stand

decorating naked (do you know how hard it is to get a G Rated shot when she is decorating naked??)

well, almost naked.... can't go anywhere or do anything without my pink rainboots!

let's put some candycanes on the tree (try convincing a 2 year old why she can't eat a five year old candycane!!!)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Maddy (27 months today!)

We were swinging her inside a sheet while folding the laundry.....

Karis (week two)

Uncle BriBri & Auntie Lesley

she looks just like Maddy in this one with Brian!!!

(Some of you have asked how I find time to blog -- FYI..... Karis is nursing right now and Jason is sitting with Maddy while she tries to go potty..... and it has taken me all day to do these posts in little steps as I can squeeze it in)