People's Republic of Zollner

So the world DOES in fact revolve around Madeline Jane and Karis Anne Zollner!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Little Picasso

yeah look at my big glittery fabulous mess!
ooh except now my hands are dirty....
testing it out with my finger
needs more glue
needs more glitter
shake it all around
TA DA!!! A masterpiece!!

Glitterama!!! For those of you (mom) who think I am nuts to let her play with glitter and glue...she is amazingly neat and tidy during her art, I always encourage her to get wild and dirty, but she is really quite serious and down to business about it all.

Crack attack

I wonder just how heavy this diaper got to be while Maddy was helping Jason hang cabinets in our laundry room. See how white it is!!! See how pretty my tile floor is!!!! It used to be turquoise with horrible stinky carpet, then turquoise with bare cement, now it is lovely and refreshing and so nice to be in. Maddy is well on her way to a career as a tradeswoman, complete with plumber butt and everything.


Maddy and her friend Grace got together to do some serious art. We busted out the glitter, stickers, crayons, glue and markers and let them go to town. It was fabulousness! Grace is about 7 months older than Maddy who follows her around and the look on her face always says " I want to be just like GracieGoo someday!!" It is great to see them play and romp together.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Yamhill county fair

notice how her pants are around her ankles?? keeping this one fully dressed is a job in itself! OY!

Several weeks ago we went to the Yamhill County Fair with our friends the Davis'. Their kids, Cassidy and Kyle, show sheep so we went to check out an insiders view. Our camera was being ornery during the fair itself, but here are a few pic's of Maddy there and then playing with their dog at their house (which to her was almost as good as the elephant ears, corndogs and rides later that day).

cousin Stephanie's wedding in Prineville

here comes the bridal party
here comes the bride
Mr. & Mrs. Jake and Stephanie Hanson
Stephanie and her dad Mark
oooh look at the sparkly bride in her pretty pretty dress!!!

This was a true country wedding. There were even beer chugging games at the reception -- and the women won! Maddy loved the dancing and especially all the dirt, rocks and horses.

Gigi's 75th birthday

the great grandkids
the greatgrandkids with Gigi and Gpa (and Jenny repositioning an escapee)Jason, Brad, Gpa, Suzanne, Gigi, Abigail, Jenny, Maddy and Me (clockwise from top left)

Jason's Grandma Pat, known as Gigi, had her 75th birthday surprise party last weekend. All her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were there... I didn't get any pictures of Michael and his girlfriend Kristy or the other group pictures because our camera battery died, but it was nice to see everybody and celebrate with them.

Monday, August 06, 2007

La Leche League Family Disco Party

Oh I took so many pictures I don't even know which ones to choose... but here are a few from our super fun disco party yesterday. Maddy had a blast with the bubbles, lights and music. Well, except for the time I almost dislocated her wrist and the time daddy got her finger stuck in the folding chair. Other than those teeny weeny mishaps, it was a rocking time. Look closely and you'll get the privilege of seeing my panel pants.....woo hoo! Jason even got to do his chicken dance, just about the only dance he'll do without the influence of alcohol to ease his inhibitions. Not like he was at Brian and Lesley's wedding, I'll tell you that much, but we all had fun sober style.

Sporting Tat's

Here are Maddy and Daddy's matching La Leche League tattoos. It takes an awfully manly man to pull off a breastfeeding tattoo!!! I am considering this design as one option for my upcoming real tattoo.... other ideas include honeybees for each member of our family, flowers, initials or something just pretty. I also like the idea of Hawaiian turtles since that is the spot our little family started to grow initially back in 2004...I am still deciding between my shoulder blade and my ankle... stay tuned for the real thing on mama sometime soon. Super cute, eh???!!