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So the world DOES in fact revolve around Madeline Jane and Karis Anne Zollner!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


nervous at first, but then she relaxed into it and the fingers came out (that's in the above photo)

look how high my babies are! you bet my heart was racing to see karis so high, she seems so little!!!!

cooling off after we hit the water park, the wave pool was awesome! and I got to go down the BIG HUGE FAST CRAZY WATER WEDGIE slide all by myself while the girls played in the kid fountain area. Wheee!

Here are the pictures from the day after the wedding at Silverwood. Expensive, but fun so it was worth the money....

Cara and Dan's Wedding

pinwheels in the dance floor wind machine
snuggling a little girl who doesn't have time to chill when there is a dance floor complete with disco balls, flashing lights and a wind machine....

enjoying said dance floor together

Maddy snapped a pic of the two of us, see we do sometimes hang out together and even touch a time or two, crazy!!!

blowing bubbles in the wind machine, practicing for the big send off

Maddy making a cheese face (this was surprising, usually she won't indulge me)

Maddy swinging around the dance floor with Daddy

karis' turn to make a cheese face.

daddy spinning his little girls, SO CUTE!!!

Me and Cara...I should scan in some pictures of us from college, we have held up pretty well this past decade. Good grief, we are OLD when I put it that way.... she was a glowing, gorgeous, elegant bride ready for a lifetime of grace, joy and happiness, we wish her and Dan all God's blessings as they enter this covenant together.

My college roommate Cara got married in Coeur d'Alene last weekend so OF COURSE I had to go to celebrate her special day with her. So we all made the trek and it was truly an amazingly wonderful weekend, even the seven hour drive each way was relatively painless. Here are some pictures of our time at the wedding and Silverwood Theme Park the day after. What fun!


yes, that's right, my daughters' bath tub toys include a bicycle horn breast pump from the 80's and a huge medical type suction syringe. This pictures seriously cracks me up. They played with these two things for almost an hour straight. They can do so many new and amazing tricks with water!

Look! Two posts in one month! Huzzah!!!I promised myself that if I actually blogged my much-overdue bloggy-goodness tonight then I could eat a whole bunch of dark chocolate covered almonds. I guess unconditionality only covers my parenting, not my self care, LOL!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Diaper How-To

1) get the diaper straightened out and put it directly under your hoo-ha
2) sit on it and get the tabs undone with your little fingers

3) 18 month old fingers don't always do the trick, so bring out the big guns and use your chompers to open the velcro

4) fasten the velcro and you're set! except when you realize it is on backwards, but HEY you are so proud you did it yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karis demonstrated how to put a diaper on yourself.....

Agate Beach

a determined karis figured out a way to nurse even though mama was way underdressed for a windy day and had burrowed down under a billion blankets and towels, LOL!!!

More beachy goodness....

Uncle BriBri and Aunty Riah

Brian and Miriah came to visit and we had such a great time together. We REALLY REALLY love her and are so glad that she is part of our family now.

Mowing the Lawn